About AMI Sound

Founded by Anthony Mac Intosh out of his passion, with a mission to bring the sound to the people. Especially the young and talented children.

The audio sector and especially being a "Sound engineer" is hard to step into. And few people know about what it is like being a sound engneer. AMI Sound offers a workshop to kids from 6 to 15. There they learn to be an sound engineer and also on how it is like of being a studio Musician. (see pictures)


Founder Anthony Mac Intosh

Attended the SAE (School of Audio Engineering) and worked at theaterproductions where I've learned most of the trade. I've worked at various commercial and public TV stations. There I had the chance of working at Football (soccer) games , various other sporting events and TV programs.

Apart from being an engineer, I am also a drummer for over 25 years.